Problem Statement & Solutions

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Problem Statement

Many students in Tanzania find themselves encountering the shortage of books during reading program in classrooms. The insufficient number of books at schools drift them into hardship of sharing books with no proper ratio. Example the group of eight students can share only one textbook.

The shortage of books at schools lead students to face difficult times when it comes to private reading, revision or borrowing books from the libraries. They always must go through long library waiting time especially when the books are long overdue.This problem discourages the so called “Reading together techniques” in classroom context.

In our country,  most of the people dislike reading books, according to our research 80% out 1000 students have negative self-motivation of reading books because of lack of foundation in English Language. They face difficult vocabulary while reading books. This leads student to have negative self-motivation in reading. As experienced Teachers and Programmers, this anticipated our need to come with this noble idea of trying to establish a firm foundation for students and Tanzanian Society to like reading books which is going to help them to increase vocabulary and expand their mind.

This program eventually helps to improve reading culture. We have come a long way, but we still need your support. Your generous contribution will help us to extend our mission of providing a learning framework in Tanzania, so as to ensure that learners develop skills to pursue literary competence and succeed in a diverse as well as evolving global society.

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Vitabu Online gives opportunity to students and others as it provides a web-based system for them to read books in different format such as audio, videos etc. It is an online platform that enable students and other people to get literary materials by simplifying learning process through Audio Visual method by digitizing the recommended and non recommended text in Tanzania which enable students and others to read, listen, watch and discuss which makes learning  process easy and fun at all times.

It also provides an opportunity for different Authors / Publishers to sell their books online and people to read different books online after buying it. People can be able to buy books in different format such as hardcopy and soft-copy. When you choose to buy hardcopy, we will deliver it to you but if you buy Soft-copy the system will automatically send the book to your account so that you can be able to read it anytime and anywhere.

It foster motivation to students by simplifying learning process through textbook summary with a simple language to avoid learning complexity for understanding, analysis and Audio Visual methods such as:-

  1. Narrating books
  2. Dramatizing plays
  3. Animation

This makes literature learning easy and fun.